Protection Through Detection


$10.25 each + shipping

Extra Heavy Duty

$10.25 each + shipping

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Assertive Dog Collar  

$15.00 each + shipping

2 Ring Nylon Choker Collars           $10.25 each + shipping

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We offer 3 styles of Choker Collars in custom lengths:

  • Regular, 
  • Extra Heavy Duty and
  • Assertive dog collars.

  • Nylon is 1/4 inch wide x 1/8 inch thick.
  • Nylon collar length is available in one (1) inch increments.
  • Collar length does NOT include rings. 
  • Welded Steel Rings

These Collars are not available in stores. 

Our Rings are larger and stronger than other products. 

In my 21 years training dogs, I have not found a more reliable, functional choker collar. 

Call 207-838-9702 to place an order.

Professional Dog Handler Products

Northeast Detector Dog Services

K9Ontrack® is the latest cloud-based training log for Accelerant Detection Canine Teams. K9Ontrack® is developed by an experienced canine handler, trainer and canine unit supervisor with over 21 years of experience training and working canines.

Your agency will benefit from the ease of use as well as the complete customized reports generated from the program.

This system captures the essential information you need to be a successful K9 team.

This system will do the following for you:

  • Tracks training hours    
  • Tracks your success rate for documenting your canine’s reliability in court.
  • The statistics you need to support your reliability for court purposes.


Your individual “home screen” lists all recent training logs. Each “report” is flagged as Open, Submitted (for Approval), Approved, or Rejected. Reports flagged as Rejected or Open are defaulted to the top of the list.

K9Ontrack® is simple, providing easy data entry. The system is designed for minimal "screen time". This system asks only for the information critical to your canine teams’ training; system screens are uncluttered and allows for easy navigation from screen to screen.