Protection Through Detection

                     SCHOOLS:                               Explosives and Firearms
A safe school is critical for our children. All schools have policies dealing with the issue of drugs and weapons in school or on school grounds.

A zero tolerance policy is only effective with appropriate timely follow up. Our teams can deploy to your school when you need us. 

 A K9 team will complete a proactive “sweep” of your school and school grounds in a fraction of the time it would take many school personnel.

An efficient and timely response by our teams results in minimal disruption to the school day.

We can help you "Inspect what you Expect" 

To Order an Inspection Call:  207-838-9702 



Hire Maine's Permiere Detector Dogs

              SPECIAL EVENTS:

Whenever there is a concentration of a high volume of people the potential for trouble is increased.

Concerts, graduations, county fairs, parades are all events which could benefit from an inspection by our canine teams.


We assist Law Enforcement and Private Security Companies.

Partnering with Northeast Detector Dogs will be a 'value added' service to your company. Our expertise in explosive detection will make your company stand out among your competition.

Northeast Detector Dog Services


A safe workplace is paramount to employee health, productivity and efficiency. A discreet inspection by our teams will give you peace of mind.

Does your business involve:

  • Sensitive information or materials.
  • Sorting incoming mail, or cargo.
  • High profile personell 

We can easily inspect your property or potential venues for your personnel.

Marginal employee, terminated employee:

Ensure a safe and trouble free transition when the unfortunate decision to let an employee go has been made.

We can offer pre and post termination inspections to ensure dangerous weapons / items have not been left behind or positioned ahead of time by someone. ​

Peace of mind during these stressful moments is provided by deploying our teams.