Northeast Detector Dog Services

We deploy our dogs at your property to locate live bedbugs and viable bedbug eggs.

We provide prompt, reliable, confidential  inspections of  our clients’ properties. 

Don’t wait for Bed Bugs to spread.

Proactive inspections provide peace of mind for you and your clients and help prevent an infestation.

Include this proactive approach in your marketing material.

Hire Maine's Premiere Detector Dogs


We have successfully located bedbugs in the following locations:

Hotels, Doctors’ Offices, Churches, Apartments, Private Homes………….and…..

Summer Camps AND Summer Rentals

Schedule a pre-planned inspection during “turn around” between camp sessions or  rental property cleaning.

Northeast Detector Dog Services are Maine's premier Bed Bug Detector Dogs.

To Order an Inspection Call:  207-838-9702 




Custom pricing to fit your individual property and need.

Multiple properties located within the same general geographical area can
benefit from reduced “Group” pricing. 


Protection Through Detection



Children returning home from college, summer camps or schooling abroad  could bring these little pests home with them.

A quick inspection by our canine team will provide peace of mind.

Mass Transit / Public Transportation

Don't contribute to the possibility of spreading these bugs. Regular inspections of company vehicles, or mass transit units can assist in preventing their spread.

Bed Bugs cause HUGE problems for businesses, homeowners, renters and travelers.

Bedbugs travel from place to place on people as well as items of clothing, bags, backpacks and other luggage items.

Quite often people get them because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time. BED BUGS are opportunists. ONCE THEY ARRIVE AND SETTLE IN THEY BEGIN TO MULTIPLY AND CAUSE TROUBLE.

We are not a pest control company. Upon locating bed bugs, we can recommend reputable pest control companies.

Schedule direct with us for prompt on-time service. No middle-man.

Canine teams certify annually.

Regular weekly/monthly maintenance training ensures our teams are proficient and reliable.

Hotels / Apartment complex:

Regular scheduled "spot" checking of a sample of your units provides peace of mind AND may give you the upper hand in identifying the presence of bedbugs before they spread. This can save hundreds and thousands of dollars in remediation costs.